If you’re a restaurant owner looking for San Diego restaurant insurance, Prosper Insurance is your go-to restaurant insurance specialist. We’ve helped a ton of local restaurant owners secure great insurance coverage for their operations.

Whether you own a bar, restaurant, or even a food truck, we have a wide range of restaurant insurance companies to call on for your restaurant insurance policy. When insuring a food operation or restaurant, it’s important that you have some core coverages in your restaurant insurance policy package.

Restaurant Liability Insurance

Restaurant Liability insurance is the foundation of a solid restaurant insurance package. It protects you from a wide range of accidents like slips, falls, and people getting sick from your food, which are all extremely increased exposures in the restaurant and food business.

Suppose someone just mopped the floor of your establishment and and older gentleman comes along before they’re able to put out a warning cone, slips, and breaks his hip. You’d be looking at a pretty substantial claim based on that type of injury and rehabilitation. Having the proper liability limits is extremely important when purchasing restaurant insurance.

We can go over your options to ensure there are no hidden gaps or exclusions in your policy.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Work Comp insurance isn’t just nice to have, in most states it’s the law.

In fact, those restaurants that do not carry workers’ compensation coverage are subject to Section 3700.5 of the California Labor Code that makes it a misdemeanor punishable by either a fine of not less than $10,000 or imprisonment in the county jail for up to one year, or both. Additionally, the state issues penalties of up to $100,000 against illegally uninsured employers.

We’ll sit down with you and make sure that you have the best coverage in place should an employee get injured on the job.

EPLI (Employers Practices Liability Insurance)

As a restaurant owner, you are perhaps at more risk than any other profession when it comes to EPLI exposures. The constant revolving door of hiring and firing is a never ending cycle for many restaurant owners. With the average cost of an EEOC lawsuit more than $156,000, you must have adequate coverage in this area. If you own a restaurant in San Diego or any other part of California, make sure you talk to us as we are experts when it comes to San Diego restaurant insurance.

Liquor Liability

Did you know that if you serve alcohol at your restaurant, bar, or tavern, and a patron that you served gets in his car, leaves and gets into an accident injuring or killing someone, you could be sued?

Serving alcohol is no doubt a huge revenue generator for many restaurants in San Diego, but it can also be one of the biggest risks you can face as a restaurant owner. Having liquor liability insurance is a must if your establishment serves any kind of alcoholic beverages.

Call our agency today or submit a quote request, and we’ll help you find the best restaurant insurance package if you own a restaurant in San Diego or any other part of California.


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